Arbor Ace Drone Promotional Video

Drone Promotional Video. Arbor Ace. Clifton, NJ.

When Arbor Ace called me to shoot some aerial video of their tree removal from sensitive areas around the house, it was clear that drone videography was going to tell a unique story. Shooting video form the sky gives the viewer a whole new perspective on what it takes to quickly and safely take down trees. Arbor Ace wanted to show future customers how efficient they were at tree removal when the tree was right up against a house. These guys were pros. Within minutes, they had two trees removed and in the chipper. It was impressive to watch and I’m glad I could give their clients a new look on what they do best.


Arbor Ace Tree Service – Drone Videography

Promo video for Arbor Ace Tree Service. Use of ground cameras as well as drones created a unique look at how this company takes down trees in sensitive spots…


arbor ace tree service

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