Contaminated Soil Aerial Imagery

Contaminated Soil Aerial Imagery. Belle Mead Depot. Hillsborough, NJ.

Drone aerial photography and videography can be extremely helpful in getting images of a large plot of land that will soon be raised and cleaned of the contaminated soil there. Photos and video from the air can provide valuable information on the locations of i important areas, and a general overview of the work being done. And the addition of 3D maps creates a unique custom look into the property that no other image can give. Combine that with before and after images, you can see where the work has been down, how far it is along, and what is left to be done. Just more reasons why drone photography is invaluable to construction companies.


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Contaminated Soil Cleanup – Aerial drone overview

Construction company working on cleaning up a plot of land with contaminated soil needed an simple overview video of the entire 300+ acres. Go to http://www….

3D Maps

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